Aging, Asset-Rich and Active Generation,

Redefining Growing Old


Trillion in property equity in over 55s market


UK’s housing wealth controlled by over 65s


Largest lender in the UK is Bank of Mum & Dad

1 in 3

Mortgages run beyond state pension age

Introducing our Horizon Plus range

Unlocking investment potential in a generation living as never before.

Investing into lending opportunities linked a range of mortgages for borrowers over the age of 50 and moving into retirement, which can offer investors a higher yield than more mainstream debt investments such as government or corporate bonds.

Homeowner equity in the UK among people aged over 50 has been estimated to total £2.5 trillion, controlling two thirds of the housing wealth*.

People born before the mid 1950’s own £1.7 trillion of the residential property by value, or 46% of all housing equity*. Whilst their equity in property has grown, financial institutions have failed to adapt and offer lending products suitable for their needs


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